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I’m a recently separated stay at home mom to two older kids. My daughter Lexanne, 18 and son John, 16. We live in Southern California, but I was born and raised in New Jersey and my kids were born and spent most of their childhoods in Connecticut. My ex also lives nearby and we have a good relationship.

I worked in the casino industry in slots for 10 years before staying home. I decided at age 41 to go back to college and have been pursuing that goal on a mostly part time basis since 2007. As of May 2013 I have 3 classes to complete to get my Bachelor’s in History. Once I finish I hope to start the long list of books I’d like to read but haven’t had time. Or I might go for my Master’s. πŸ™‚ I would be a perpetual student if I could, whether it be traditional or just a student of life, and I realize how goofy that sounds.

I love music, movies, sunshine, warm weather, travel, exploring, art, Disney, history, reading, wine, chocolate, museums…..

Vermeer Melkmeid

Vermeer Melkmeid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right now I am into Minimalism, Simple Living, trying to learn to speak a little French, and I will admit to an addiction to HGTV.


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  1. Since we seem to have similar interests, I was wondering if you’d be interested in hanging out on Bastille Day? I’d love to go to the Champ de Mars and bring delicious wine and food to hang out and watch the fireworks. It is my last day in Paris, and it would be nice to enjoy the holiday with another person. If not, that is completely fine. Just a thought :).

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