A Walk Through the 5th After Dark

Another post full of pictures. Maybe it’s the heat, but I don’t have much energy to write. I took a walk tonight to enjoy the breeze, started walking parts of the city I had never been in but ended up in familiar territory. The heat of the day combined with the wonderful breeze brought a lot of people out to party on the banks of the Seine tonight.

The Senate


Pantheon (undergoing improvements)


This bar….


Has an excellent location. The Pantheon to the right


Notre Dame to the left


Side entrance to St Etienne du Mont. *Correction. This church is not Saint Genvieve, as originally posted. It is located on Montagne Saint Genvieve, so I thought it was the name of the church. This is also, I found out quite by subconscious prompting, the same steps that were used in the movie Midnight In Paris. Just after I took this picture, I wondered where those steps were and decided to Google when I got home. Apparently my subconscious mind already knew what my conscious mind needed Google to confirm!*


Front of Saint Etienne du Mont


Walking towards the Seine

DSCN2984 DSCN3006

and Notre Dame

DSCN2994 DSCN2997